Back in the Desk Chair (or on the Flat Rock) Again!

A few years ago, after more than a decade of writing, sending and responding to two weekly and one daily (later three times a week, then twice-weekly) e-mail lists, I woke up one morning completely unable to write another. At that time, I couldn’t have imagined how much I’d come to miss the pleasures of getting to know folks on the lists, sharing our worlds and our hearts. This time around, I’m starting with a blog and will see where things go from here.

Since my most recent books, Dream Repair Shop – Balm for Hearts, Souls and Funny-Bones and a thoroughly updated 2nd edition of Sizzling Spells – How to Make Any Man Want to Talk to You, both stir up thoughts and questions to do with hearts, souls and life dreams, I want the blog to reflect that focus. People touching people – up close or from a distance, sharing who we are, working together to mend our own and other people’s hearts, to gild and polish and cherish our dreams for ourselves and for life all around our planet, and to laugh together and alone, as often as possible.

Mt. Shasta has long been a place that speaks to my heart and sparks my dreams. I chose this photograph from the windy afternoon of November 1 last year to show a view of our mountain that many people never see. The elegant snow-covered mountain is world-famous for its beauty, but many haven’t seen its almost barren rocky beauty just before the winter snows begin.

By November, the flowers were pretty much history, so the color comes from the rocks, trees, birds and sky, with just a hint of snow and ice visible as we wandered past the top of the road. Much like people, mountains look different from week to week, month to month. Since I was very young, I’ve hoped the many mountains I loved have dreams in addition to sparking bold dreams in many who see and wander upon their heights and lower reaches.

May our lives and dreams overflow with as much beauty as the snow and ice, rocks and plants that cover our world’s mountains.

About Chas-Writer

Since my mother taught me to write when I was four, I haven't stopped. I have, however, taken breaks from the visible life of an author. Left Mount Shasta for Washington State a couple of years ago and am just now easing into a more public author's life.
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5 Responses to Back in the Desk Chair (or on the Flat Rock) Again!

  1. Lauren says:

    First. Had to post this just because I’m your son.

  2. Gale says:

    Chas, “you are an excellent author”
    I am so excited to be apart of your cheering group!
    I had the honor and privilege to read your latest creation…The Dream Repair Shop. And I love it!!! It has a very special place on my coffee table here in Dallas…
    I am looking forward to reading your refreshing and creative thought provoking blogs.

  3. karla says:

    i think this blog is very informative though.

  4. Maggie says:

    Great to see you writing online again, Chas. Please let us know what new books you have out or, if none yet, DO SOME SOON! Thanks!

  5. L.T.Creech says:

    New comment settings appear to be working.

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